Consciousness Really Explained?

Conclusion [full article]

No matter how many people try to explain some basic facts of science and philosophy, from James (1890) to Stapp (2007), the mechanistic idea that everything can be reduced to the cogs and wheels of physics has a tremendous grip on the modern mind, which is why this humble little thought experiment is proposed, being both concise and positivistic.

Strong cryptography allows information to be pickled so that a message can only be recovered with the application of a key. If that key is held in only a person’s mind then that person, using their mental faculties, can carry out a procedure that is otherwise impossible. This publicly observable phenomenon has no physical explanation nor is there any prospect of one appearing.

Its long overdue that scientific orthodoxy stopped trying to pretend that those mental faculties don’t exist, or can somehow be reduced or explained away. Only then will there be a chance of developing a truly-coherent scientific understanding of them.

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