5: Why are we such a violent nation?

Part of the Studies in Peace and Wisdom seminar series.

Christopher Titmuss, Tuesday 25th March, 7-9pm, Bodhi Garden.

Is there a connection between what we are doing in the world and our state of mind?

According to a Russian sociologist, England has been at war in the past 900 years more than any other nation on Earth – around 56 years out of every hundred. The United States, its closest ally, has invade 19 countries since 1950. It doesn’t end there. There is violence on our streets, domestic violence, child abuse, alcohol fuelled violence, drug fuelled violence, football violence and verbal and physical abuse upon ethnic communities. Our prisons are desperately overcrowded with prison sentences lengthening. What is it about our psyche? Why don’t we make the connection between war on other nations and the violence on our streets? Is there an appalling spiritual and philosophical vacuum at the heart of our lives? Do we obscure this violence behind the language of being a civilised people with the world’s longest democracy?


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