In Search of Sense and Sensibility

An Experiment in Publishing

I have posted the first draft of In Search of Sense and Sensibility online. This ‘book’ has been designed for the internet from its inception. It may get a paper incarnation but for now the idea is to develop it on the internet. As you would expect, there is no charge. Also there have been no editors and reviewers involved—that process starts now with you. A quick perusal will reveal that some aspects of it are more than a little experimental, and being experimental their fate is not clear.

Though I remain unsure about the format of the book, I am dead pleased with the content, nearly everything I have written on this blog being derived from it.  Nevertheless the argument that is presented in the book can’t really be reproduced here.  It needs to be presented in full and forms the foundation of all the subsequent novels.

I know that almost nobody is going to have the time or will to read the book, at least without some preparation (hence the blog) so I have designed it as much as possible so that the reader can skim it, fishing out the parts that are interesting to them.

  • The book is structured and that structure is reflected in the part/chapter/section structure visible in the link bars and tables of contents.
  • I have tried to cross reference the book so that anyone coming into the middle can refer back to the parts they need to understand each section.
  • The book makes heavy use of quotation but such passages are easy to pick out visually and skip or skim and refer back to for readers familiar with the literature.
  • I have written a number of blog articles picking out various arguments of the book into standalone, manageable chunks, which refer back into the book.

Please let me know what you think.

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