Bulletin #2 (Open Thread)

I have arrived in Nottingham for the Dalai Lama’s teachings and have wireless access in the appartment—that is the first hurdle. The more formidable one will be getting time and space to write articles. I may have to fall back on shorter articles and wait until I get to the south of Spain before I can tackle the longer ones I had planned, including the one on Theism for non-Theists and Elitism. We shall see.

You liked (or at least visited lots) the Why I am not an atheist, probably because WordPress gave it a spot, and I have started a conversation with some of you that I think may be productive. I am truly delighted to see people pushing back thoughtfully to my essays, and some of you have some intriguingly complementary perspectives to my quixotic liberal religiosity (including the odd atheist conservative—I have been looking st your blogs). Its really looking quite promising!


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