The Commander Disagrees

Commander Huber has another great essay, Keystone Kondi’s Kwazy Kwestions, on the batty Neoconservative foreign policy. Interestingly he takes a more pessimistic view of Condi’s susceptibility to Cheney maschinations.

The essay finishes:

The neo-communists won’t engage us in an arms race this time around. They’ll let us be the ones who pour national treasure down a sand dune on fantastic weapons that can’t win the kinds of wars we fight until we’re bankrupt. One commonly hears these days that we’re playing checkers and the Russians and Chinese are playing chess. A more ironically apt analogy is that they have graduated to duplicate bridge while we continue to play war.

Even more ironic is that we won the first Cold War because our economic model was superior, but in the second Cold War we’re likely to find that the neocoms have become better capitalists than we are.


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