McWhorter and Lowry

McWhorterMcWhorter and Lowry slug it out

I have yet to write and post the final installment of my Elitism, Progressives and Conservatives series of articles (mostly on ‘Evolution’) but in the meantime I was fascinated by the ongoing discussion between Glenn Lowry and John McWhorter. Here you have a condensation of the discussion between progressives and conservatives, at its most intelligent. McWhorter is a conservative (normally-Republican, I guess) enthusiast of Obama and Lowry a progressive Democrat skeptic Clintonite.

For the first time we hear Lowry relly getting Obama’s rhetorical powers yet hating Obama’s preaching of self-reliance to the Black community.  McWhorter pushes him hard, separating out all the issues concerning political oportunism and you are left with the issue of whether politicians should try and exhort and encourage people to sort out their own problems or focus on getting the public policy right

Lowry makes some very good points about how Obama should be pushed hard to make sure he holds up his and and does what he can but in the end I am with McWhorter on this.  Getting people to change the way they think about themselves is an very important activity.  It is the kind of thing that you got from religion so I think you views on preachers and preaching (and they are discussing Obama’s father’s day sermon) is going to have a big effect on your attitude.

This kind of thing makes me think the Reagan/Kennedy comparisons are not unreasonable and that Obama will be unstoppable (but of course we can’t conclude any such thing, yet).


2 responses to “McWhorter and Lowry

  1. I – well, let me just come out and say it – dropped my laptop, fracturing the internal sound card. I don’t suppose there is a transcript of the dialogue. I am a fan of John McWhorter’s linguistic work (I recommend The Power of Babble, excessively diverting).

  2. I don’t know, but I strongly suspect that there is no systematic attempt to transcribe the dialogs: it is too labour intensive while offering little or no payback. I have seen no such links on the site. Sorry.

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