FireFox 3 Rocks

I have been about a week with FireFox 3 and I have to say I am very pleasantly surprised.  I remember a friend of mine complaining bitterly at the start of the ’90s about the extravagance of the 3-d look that was being rolled out across desk-tops so it is interesting to see the Mozilla people opting for a retro look that seems to take us back to about then.

Apart from that it seems to be a well-thought through redesign of the control area at the top.  The enhanced-url completion is excellent, as is the ability to pick up links and drag them into folders and the bookmarks menu.

Very smooth.  Very smart.  Almost no disruption.  IE have a real fight on their hands.


One response to “FireFox 3 Rocks

  1. I, too, love Firefox 3. In fact, as soon as I installed it on my main computer, I hurried to my laptop and installed it there. I love the new graphics! Another added feature that I cannot live without – Foxmarks, the online bookmarks folder.

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