Iran again

I have added the following comment on Yglesias’s solution-in-search-of-a-problem article, Exciting New Reasons to Bomb Iran.  As I am in the middle of a blogging drought I thought I would repost it here.

Matt, as often you are so right about this.

As Scott Ritter points out the Iranians have switched from talking down the US/Israeli sabre rattling as bluster to responding in kind and they are doing this to give Mullen and the realists the ammo to argue that there is no way the fallout for an attack on Iran can be restricted without much more serious preparations than those that have already been made and, of course, those preparations can’t be made before January.

Cheney and the neocons have been desperate since 2005 to bring about regime change and they figure that whatever the outside chances bombing is their last best shot. They don’t care about the risks to the Middle East and the American/world economy: that kind of pain will be felt by poor people and foreign suckers.

However the neocons need a plausible rationale to sell to the rest of us. As Matt says they have a solution in search of a problem.


2 responses to “Iran again

  1. Thinking Dove

    Of Course, Iran working towards Nuclear weapons.

    Can you blame them for it? Two national governments on their borders have been overthrown. Israel has threatened them with air strikes…

    A Nuclear Weapon is a defensive weapon.

    Ever notice that North Korea and Pakistan can resist the United States,,, What do they have in common?
    They are both Nuclear Powers.

    It is simple bigotry that Iran is not being allowed to develop atomic weapons. Why shouldn’t an Islamic hereditary theocracy be allowed to build I.C.B.M.s?

    A nuclear middle-east will be a peaceful middle-east because of Mutually assured destruction. Mutually assured destruction kept the peace between the United States and the Soviet Union for decades.

    Atomic bombs are defensive weapons because they make victory impossible for anyone.

    Nuclear proliferation is going to happen sooner or later any way.
    Technology always spreads. Gunpowder was invented by the Chinese, but now everyone has it. Even the most isolated illiterate tribesman carrys an assualt rifle when he goes to war.

    In the future, every Mullah, Latin American Generalismo, and African Warlord will have the ability to hurl nuclear weapons at one another. But, they will also be threatened with the same thing coming back at them. War shall become obsolete and peace shall prevail.

    Support Iran, Support Nuclear Proliferation, Support World Peace.

  2. What basis do you say ‘Of Course, Iran working towards Nuclear weapons’? By gaining mastery of the fuel cycle they are obviously strategically providing themselves with options down the pike. However that is the NPT deal–it is the very basis of the NPT. The nuclear weapons powers have to refrain from using the nuclear weapons to menace the nuclear energy powers. In other words the nuclear energy powers are breaking up the nonproliferation framework–not Iran, which is merely exercising its rights under the treaty.

    There is no credible evidence that Iran has a nuclear weapons programme. In the first place they have far better oil-based strategic defences in their own oil and control of the Straits of Hormuz should they decide to exercise it. What they perhaps didn’t count on was that the industrial countries (or rather the ruling elites in the industrial countries) would destroy the world economy in a fit of madness–so it looks as if we are going to dance down the path of mutually assured destruction. Whether it happens or not our current course risks it happening by accident with events spinning out of control.

    It actually makes no sense that Iran should actually weaponise unless it really has to. That would kick off an arms race in the Middle East that would level the playing field as the little states would take the same strategic weight as the small ones. Iran doesn’t want this bing a large state.

    However as long as we (including Israel) continue to menace Iran with our nukes we make it more imperative that Iran does what you say.

    The nuclear weapons programmes of all the nuclear weapons powers need to be addressed.

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