This is my principle blog devoted to commenting and discussing current affairs, politics, literature (especially Jane Austen’s novels), Buddhism, cooperative living and anything else that interests me, usually from a philosophical angle. To get a sense of my philosophy see the Philosophical Manifesto series of articles.

Feature Articles

Some blog entries are highly ephemeral while others really belong to an accumulating collection of essays which can be read at any time. A selection of these (5-10) will appear in the ‘Features in the Spotlight’ section at the top of my blog roll (in the right-hand column) and a complete index of them can be found at the bottom of my blog roll (in the ‘Index of feature Articles’ section). The Review page contains a summary of all the features under various headings.

Some of these articles are composite articles in which case selecting them will select a category containing the relevant articles.

Blogroll Review

Blogrolls are all very well, but they provide no information at all about why a blog has made it’s way onto the blog roll.  To try and fix this I am tagging articles that provide some clues as to why a blog or website is on my blogroll I am tagging it with BLOGROLL REVIEW and making sure the blog or website is clearly reflected in the title; by scanning the articles in BLOGROLL REVIEW it is possible to get a sense of why the articles are on the blogroll.  Note I gave made no effort to provide any kind of systematic reviews, the articles generally addressing other areas and only incidentally saying something about the blog or website.

Comment Policies

I encourage people to comment on the articles. That an article was published months ago should not at all discourage you from making a comment–it will appear in a widget at the top of the right-hand column and could well kick off a debate. A substantial comment is quite likely to draw a response from me and I will draw people’s attention to it where I can.

I have no comment policy except to request that commentators please endeavour to avoid ad-hominem attacks, to keep your comments as constructive and on-topic as you can.

Mansfield Park Blog

I am also blogging a commentary on Jane Austen’s Mansfield Park here.

Contacting Chris

Chris can be contacted at chris@peaceandwisdom.net.

For more on me check out my bio page.

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