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Shared Items

Things have become very busy for me (I need to find a new place to live, among many other things) so my blogging has become quite eratic.  I have published my shed feed on the right, the best of the blog articles I read, sometimes with annotations.  See the panel on the right.

Note that the RSS widget displaying the articles mucks up the link in the heading: use the link above it (below my email address).

On the Road

I am on the road today and tomorrow (in London) and so posting may be a bit light.

I have bought Taleb’s Black Swans and will blog my thoughts on it once i have completed it (probably the weekend).

My Google Reader Shared Page

While on my travels I decided to experiment with the Google Reader shared page and have concluded that this is a powerful blogging aide.  As I read blog articles I can place them into a stream for sharing and you can pick up the blog articles that I think are especially interesting.  I can also add annotations.

This makes particular sense if you read you uses RSS feed readers (see this previous article on the advantages of RSS), in which case you can subscribe to pages RSS feed.

My Google Reader shared page is here.

Back Home : Local Literature and Philosophy Conference

I have returned back home to Brighton. I have a couple of articles on Iran which i will post tonight, after which I really do want to get out some posts on the Mansfield Park blog.

Tomorrow I will go and have a look at the Philosophy and Literature conference at Sussex University and report back here. It is interesting to me that the local university should have just set up such an interdisciplinary research group and that they seem to have no interest in Jane Austen considering she lived locally (just across the border) and that Brighton features quite prominently in her writing.

Bulletin #2 (Open Thread)

I have arrived in Nottingham for the Dalai Lama’s teachings and have wireless access in the appartment—that is the first hurdle. The more formidable one will be getting time and space to write articles. I may have to fall back on shorter articles and wait until I get to the south of Spain before I can tackle the longer ones I had planned, including the one on Theism for non-Theists and Elitism. We shall see.

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ADVANCE NOTICE: Theism for Non-Theists

Some people have found Why I am not an Atheist unsatisfactory, and I do feel a twinge of guilt. it was never my intention to engage in the kind of bickering between Christians and Atheists that is all to common in blog articles so my article stuck firmly to the meta-argument that Peter Singer wasn’t advancing serious arguments, that he needed to engage serious theologians and take more then about 830 words to deal meaningfully with (never mind dispose of) the central philosophical problem of the Abrahamic religions, how to reconcile an all-powerful, good creator God with evil and suffering in the world He has created. It is the kind of problem that, quite literally, seven-year olds spot. To me the paradox is obviously intended to confront the seeker in the way that people imagine Zen koans to do, something to meditate on in order to gain a deeper insight into reality and the Christian religion, rather than a decision problem, such as, whether the planets orbit the sun in an elliptical or circular path. To treat it like the latter, as a physical, empirical decision problem is, to my mind, to make a serious mistake.

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Bulletin #1 (Open Thread)


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The Joy of Aggregation

Switching to RSS aggregators revolutionised my blog reading in ways that surprised me. I see form my blog statistics that few of you are reading the blog through RSS so I will explain how it helped me in case it can help you too. Here are the advantages I noticed.

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