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In Search of Sense and Sensibility

An Experiment in Publishing

I have posted the first draft of In Search of Sense and Sensibility online. This ‘book’ has been designed for the internet from its inception. It may get a paper incarnation but for now the idea is to develop it on the internet. As you would expect, there is no charge. Also there have been no editors and reviewers involved—that process starts now with you. A quick perusal will reveal that some aspects of it are more than a little experimental, and being experimental their fate is not clear.

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The Barbarians Inside the Gate

[This article has been adapted from a section of the preface to In Search of Sense and Sensibility.]

There is no question that we in the first world are the heirs of the great instigators of the scientific revolution and are the most successful people in history when it comes to understanding and shaping our physical environment, but does that make us the most civilised? It could be a matter of semantics—if that is taken as the definition of ‘civilised’ then the answer is trivially yes, but it is not at all clear that is what people mean when they assert that we are a great civilised people.

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