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The Mac Droids (The Register)

[Part of a series of articles reviewing blogs and websites (here The Register) on my blog-roll; see the about page. ]

With The Register reporting in its usual scurrilous style Microsoft’s ongoing difficulties in killing Windows XP, Bill Gates stepping down as the head of Microsoft and Taleb making an instructive blunder on the Mac-versus-Windows religious wars I thought I would indulge myself in a rare techie post.

It is also part of the review Nassim Nicholas Taleb’s Black Swan.

Windows 3.0 (1990)

One of the many interesting (and instructive) observations that Taleb made in The Black Swans was the following.

A person can get slightly ahead for entirely random reasons; because we like to imitate one another, we will flock to him. The world of contagion is so underestimated.

As I am writing these lines I am using a Macintosh, by Apple, after years of using Microsoft-based products. The Apple technology is vastly better, yet the inferior software won the day. Why? Luck.

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The Blogging Treadmill and The Alternative

[Part of a series of articles reviewing blogs and websites (here Jeffrey Goldberg) on my blog-roll; see the about page. This is actually the second time I have featured Goldberg, which I have to do: one for the sublime Goldberg and the other for the reactive one. ]

I never cease to be surprised at how apologetic bloggers are at a slight disruption to their flow, such as Paul Krugman (!) last week when posting an article later in the afternoon than normal.

Now I know should probably have put up a warning article when I stopped last week, so I am guilty of being too lax, but I think it is a good idea to break things up a bit sometimes, and not be apologetic about it (though a warning would be helpful and wise). What do other bloggers think?

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Bulletin #1 (Open Thread)


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The Joy of Aggregation

Switching to RSS aggregators revolutionised my blog reading in ways that surprised me. I see form my blog statistics that few of you are reading the blog through RSS so I will explain how it helped me in case it can help you too. Here are the advantages I noticed.

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Google Apps Rock

[Email services on my private domains have been horrid for some time–by allowing gmail to be attached to these domains Google may put an end to the horror (for the moment at least).]

Until recently my email has been a mess. When you manage domains like you want to use email addresses like that is the point of going to the trouble of acquiring them. And this kind of detail matters when all your work lives in cyberspace. And you really do want your email to just work.

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