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Comment is Free

[A series of articles reviewing blogs and websites on my blog-roll.]

In the recent Webby awards the Guardian Comment is Free political blog got beaten by the Huffington Post. This I think shouldn’t surprise anyone with any knowledge of the relative traffic of the two sites, the awards being based on a poll of readers. I read both sites heavily and they are completely different, and offer an interesting contrast between two media cultures.

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Dead Party Governing

(or The Very Strange Tale of Two Jacqui Smiths)

Steve Bell\'s comment on Labour lunge for Daily Mail approval with meaningless tinkering with Canabis drug classification

Andrew Sullivan and Daniel Finklestein wonder whether the YouGov poll published in today’s Sun is real, putting as it does Labour on 23% and the Tories with a 26% lead over Labour? I very much think so. Andrew Rawnsley–probably the most authoritative New Labour pundit has analysed a much bigger survey in today’s Observer, and come to the same conclusion. The bottom has fallen out of Labour. What a bittersweet moment. And what a strange tale. Let me explain.

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