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Another Nick Park?

I thought this student project was brilliant and couldn’t stop laughing (h/t Sullivan).

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From Sir Henry’s to Fish Go Deep

Shane Johnson (l) and Greg Dowling (r)When I was teaching computer science at the University in Cork, I used to spend a ludicrous amount of my time in Sir Henry’s night club in Cork where I was entirely captivated by the dance music on all evenings, but especially the ‘Sweat’ Saturday nights. There is no way I can even begin to describe the near-mystical power that came from the venue (a rambling collection of sheds–it didn’t actually have sawdust on the floor but if you imagine it did you will probably be quite close), the old sound system that seemed perfectly balanced and the incredibly gifted DJs that serenading its predominantly North-side (think vibrant, close inner-city communities) highly-discerning patrons with the mellowest Hip Hop and Deep House in the known universe. The club was generally rammed on a Saturday night so the standard way to get through the crowd was to put both of your hands on the hips of the obstructing person and gently reposition them out of your way. On one exceptional full-moon evenings I brought visiting DJ from the Dublin scene into the club and he was quite staggered by the intensity of the atmosphere–not by a crescendo worked by the DJ but an energy that was entirely sustained, and it did take your breath away. That combination of mellowness and intensity is difficult to describe–I don’t know of any other experience like it.

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