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The Politics of Climate Change

In a comment on my Insanity article, Robert Duquette comments on George Monbiot’s critique of the climate change sceptics.

Monbiot should be careful about using an affinity of narrative to explain the global warming skeptics, because the same affinity can be used to explain the gw alarmists. Man-made global warming is the perfect, apolcalyptic morality tale. Monbiot also makes the mistake of questioning the motives of every scientists he disagrees with, while putting those who agree with him under no such scrutiny. Why not question the motives of scientists who work for governmental agencies, agencies that stand to increase in power and influence, and butgetwise, under any anti global warming regulatory scheme? When facts are not with you, question motives.

There has been a huge amount of tosh spouted by the environmental movement, with their own pathologies and a fondness for trying to persuade through fear and emotional manipulation. But these groups are distinct from government and climatologists.

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Party’s Over

I am in Madrid that is more like a ghost town, because it has been blockaded by lorry drivers protesting at the high fuel prices.  We have become so accustomed to cheap oil, an era where supply nearly always exceeded demand and so we were left paying for the cost of extracting, refining and shipping it but not paying for the raw commodity itself.  Think of the work that can be done by a small quantity of easily and cheaply acquired fuel, and how long it would take a human to do the same unaided, whether a car, a chainsaw or a computer.  the machinery–the cars, chain saws and computers–are themselves manufactured with cheap fuel and had become ever cheaper.

It is looking as if the party is over.  Reality beckons.