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Back Home : Local Literature and Philosophy Conference

I have returned back home to Brighton. I have a couple of articles on Iran which i will post tonight, after which I really do want to get out some posts on the Mansfield Park blog.

Tomorrow I will go and have a look at the Philosophy and Literature conference at Sussex University and report back here. It is interesting to me that the local university should have just set up such an interdisciplinary research group and that they seem to have no interest in Jane Austen considering she lived locally (just across the border) and that Brighton features quite prominently in her writing.

The Prince and the Novelist

[In this article I discuss and speculate on the curious relationship between Jane Austen and The Prince Regent.]

I was reminded on reading John Nash: The Prince Regent’s Architect at Jane Austen’s World of the mark that the Prince and his architect John Nash left on London. I live, if not quite in the shadow of the Royal Pavilion in Brighton, actually in the shadow of the Prince Regent swimming pool that adjoins it, and can confirm that the pavilion has really come to define the identity of the city of Brighton and Hove.

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