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Hedges on Courtiers

Chris Hedges has a brilliant article where he lights into Tim Russert and Barack Obama as courtiers posing as outsiders holding power to account.  He is of course right.  It was interesting to note David Brook’s column highlighting Obama’s political effectiveness and ruthlessness, Sullivan’s agreement and Yglesias’s “boy-oh-boy is he pissed at Barack Obama”.

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Gore for the Cabinet

Looking at Obama and Gore giving their speeches it strikes me that Gore and Obama make a fine team, Gore having the philosophy, stature and rock star appeal to make him quite at home in an Obama rally.  And Obama has asked him to lead his climate programme.  Gore for veep?  It could simplify a thing or two.

Obama’s Father’s Day Sermon

This speech is absolutely wonderful, and surely can’t fail to appeal to conservative independents.

I can’t remember being moved by anyone else’s political speeches.

Mansfield Park and The Culture Wars

After a hiatus I have posted an article, Everything of Higher Consequence, on my Mansfield Park blog. Here I have brought together some of my thinking on the novel which also intersects with some recent thoughts on what makes progressives and conservatives tick. Given that the two stream of thought originated with the French revolution and Edmund Burke’s reaction to it, and the way that the baby-boomer culture wars have been fought out in Austen criticism (see Conservatives and Progressives) and Barack Obama’s objective to move beyond these culture wars (see about half of the posts on Andrew Sullivan’s blog), you can see strong convergence in these seemingly disparate areas covering philosophy and the enlightenment, Jane Austen’s writing and contemporary politics.

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