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And it Continues

Martin Rowsons take on Browns Iran abhorrence remarks

Sometimes a picture is really priceless.  The Iranians have repeatedly made clear that they have no intention of attacking Israel, that they anticipate Israel falling apart through its own internal contradictions.  there is not the slightest indication that the Iranians are preparing for any such military intervention or that they would ever be capable of it.  The real point of course is that it is a political attack, and the whole is part of the ‘cold war’ being fought between Iran and Israel, the USA and the industrial nations, a war that the Bush administration decided to fight, and the Israelis appear to be making sure that the Bush administration makes good its promises of taking out Iran after Iraq.

With such confusion and disingenuousness one can only presume that this is political manouevring to prepare for military should it come to that.  Should that come to pass the wealthy people that gave us this mess will not be the ones to pay the price: that will fall to the poor people.

I missed an article by Scott Ritter at TruthDig on the 14th on the consequences of such a war. Elsewhere Gershom Gorenberg picks apart Benny Morris’s Strangeglovian fantasies about Israel using its nuclear wepaons aresenal to settle up with Iran and Commander Huber surveys the inanity of the discorse on the Iraq war.

Back to Internment?

So Brown has managed to restore some authority by railroading through the 42-day detention legislation with a bribe to the Unionists.  This is reminiscent of the dregs of the conservative administration who had to rely on the Unionists, but Major had a decent excuse, lacking a working majority.

Is this legislation to cope with civil unrest should they decide to start another war in the Middle East?

Cameron must be laughing all the way to the general election.  Let’s be clear.  <i>Anything</i> would have been better than seeing Blair continue a day longer in post, but this is pathetic.